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About Us

A Little About Us

When does furniture become a ballad of love? A symphony of soothing harmonies? An expression of love and labour that’s forever etched in wood and created with passion?
Welcome to Meraki.

A place where furniture is one of a kind; designs are inspired and the look is distinct. Each piece, artifact or specially sourced rugs are all part of the magic here. Nothing is mass produced. Everything is handcrafted and created with love. Real love for wood that breathes with a life of its own, brass that gleams with sensuality and steel that shines with pride. You can tell a piece of Meraki when you see it. You wouldn’t have seen something quite like it before.

Smriti is a dreamer, perfectionist and an instinctive designer, Meraki homes is one of her biggest dreams and her vision is to cover the whole world with the elegance of her designs.

Smriti's personal style- "A mix of modern and traditional, old and new, expensive and inexpensive brings timeless elegance into a home".

Madhu's strong family foundation in the construction business and knowledge of the finishes and fabrics up her style quotient. A powerhouse of energy and enthusiasm, she believes “each home should tell a story about the owners”.

Madhu's personal style- "Traditonal homes with beautiful antiques make for the most poised homes”.

Meraki homes is a venture run in smooth collaboration of a joint passion for design by Smriti and Madhu Jaju. A unique mother in law- daughter in law duo that work in perfect synch to create unforgettable stories with their furniture. Each piece. Every piece.Together, they unfold a strong defined story of creation with passion. Furniture that’s created bespoke and for people with a distinct style of their own.